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 User Interface (CDI, MDI, GUI)

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PostSubject: User Interface (CDI, MDI, GUI)    Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:40 pm

User Interface

The user interface is what we see when we turn on the computer; it consists of the cursors, icons, menus, etc.

User interface may be:

: Command Driven Interface (CDI)

: Menu Driven Interface (MDI)

: Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Command driven interface:

An interface through which the user types commands for the computer to carry out tasks Eg: MS-DOS


1.      If the user knows the correct commands then this type of interface can be much faster than any other type of interface.

2.       This type of interface needs much less memory (RAM) in order to use it than other user interfaces.

3.      This type of interface does not use as much CPU processing time as the others do.

4.       A low resolution, cheaper monitor can be used with this type of user interface.


1.      For someone who has never used a command line interface it can be very confusing.

2.      Commands have to be typed in precisely, if there is a spelling error the command will fail.

3.       If you mis-type an instruction, it is often necessary to start all over again.

4.      There are a large number of commands which need to be learned

Menu driven interface:  

This type of interface produce a list of commands or options available within a program and the user can make a selection by using either a mouse or keyboard.
They are extremely easy to use, someone who has never seen the interface before can workout what to do.


1.      There are no commands to learn or remember.

2.      Step-by-step options are given so that the user doesn't have to remember anything.

3.       Even if you don't know what to do, you can usually guess you way around the options.


1.       A poorly designed menu interface may be slow to use

2.      It can be irritating if there are too many menu screens to work through - users get annoyed or bored if it takes too long.

3.      You often can't go to the exact place you want right at the start. You have to work your way through the menu screens even if you know where you want to get to.

4.      The menu can take up a large part of the screen so you have to keep flicking back and forwards between applications

Graphical user interface:

An interface that allows a user to communicate with the computer through pictures (icons), Menus, windows etc.


1.      This type of user interface is extremely easy to use, especially for a beginner

2.      It is easy to explore and find your way around the system using a GUI

3.      You do not have to learn complicated commands

4.       There are usually good help facilities provided with GUIs

5.      They let you exchange data between different software applications


1.      GUI take up a much larger amount of hard disk space than other interfaces

2.      GUI need significantly more memory (RAM) to run than other interface types

3.      GUI use more processing power than other types of interface
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User Interface (CDI, MDI, GUI)
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